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Jurisprudence, 2009, No. 3(117)

Ringolds Balodis. The Recent Developments of Latvian Model of Church and State Relationship: Constitutional Changes without Revising of Constitution
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Armanas Abramavicius. The Right to Judicial Defence in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania (text only in Lithuanian)
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Algimantas Sindeikis. Constitutional Problems of Depersonalizing Judicial Procedural Decisions (text only on Lithuanian)
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Radu Carp. The Granting and Regaining of Romanian Citizenship in View of the Most Recent Changes of the Law No. 21/1991
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Jan Kudrna. Dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Republic – the Origin and Essence of Applicable Constitutional Legislation
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Alfonsas Vaisvila. Human Dignity and the Right to Dignity in Terms of Legal Personalism (from Conception of Static Dignity to Conception of Dynamic Dignity)
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Vidmante Giedraityte, Antanas Senavicius. Vytautas Raudeliunas – Lithuanian Legal Historian (text only in Lithuanian)
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Andrius Lygutas. Human Rights in the Context of Counter-Terrorism Measures: United States of America
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Justinas Zilinskas. Private Military and Security Companies and the Problems of their Regulation under International Humanitarian Law (text only in Lithuanian)
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Raimundas Jurka. Immunity of a Close Person as a Witness in Criminal Procedure of Lithuania: Problem with Sufficiency
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Simona Mesoniene. Legal Development Prospects of Penitenciary System in Lithuania (text only in Lithuanian)
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Viktoras Justickis, Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka. Criminogenic Security of Law in the EU and Lithuanian Legislation (text only in Lithuanian)
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Saulius Katuoka. New Tendecies of International Legal Regulation of the Arctic (text only in Lithuanian)
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Laurynas Bieksa. Influence of the European Union Directive 2004/83/EC on the Interpretation of Definition of Refugee (text only in Lithuanian)
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Lijana Stariene. The Limits of the Use of Undercover Agents and the Right to a Fair Trial Under Article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights
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Stasys Velyvis, Vilija Mikuckiene. Origin of Bankruptcy Procedure in Roman Law
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Marius Jonaitis, Inga Zaleniene. The Concept of Bar and Fundamental Principles of an Advocate’s activity in Roman Law
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Asta Dambrauskaite. Influence of Impossibility of Performance on the Validity of Legal Transactions – Application of the Rule “impossibilium nulla obligatio est” in Modern Law (text only in Lithuanian)
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Asta Jakutyte-Sungailiene. Intellectual Capital – new Object Regulated by Property Law?
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