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Jurisprudence, 2014, No. 21(4)

Vytautas Sinkevičius. The Legal Consequences brought about by the Constitutional Court’s Statement that a Law or Other Legal Act Is in Conflict with the Constitution
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Algirdas Taminskas, Gediminas Mesonis. Human Dignity: Constitutional Reflections
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Christoforos Ioannidis. Are the Conditions of Statehood Sufficient? An Argument in Favour of Popular Sovereignty as an Additional Condition of Statehood
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Fabien Bottini. Progresses and Limits of the Human Rights’ Protection in Europe
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Arvydas Budnikas. Access to the Court of Justice of the European Union Seeking to Challenge the Inaction of European Union Institutions
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Natalija Točickienė, Inga Jablonskaitė-Martinaitienė. The Place of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal in the European Union Judicial System
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Paulina E. Sikorska. The Mission (Im)Possible: Towards a Comprehensive Legal Framework Regulating Safety Issues of Point to Point Suborbital Flights
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Oleg Fedosiuk. Informal Application of Criminal Law: Demand, Limits, Doctrines
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Yuliya Chernyak. Prorogation of Jurisdiction in Family- Law Matters: Analysis of Current National Legislation and International Treaties of Ukraine
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Aurimas Banys. Out of Court Mediation in Lithuanian Administrative Procedure: Concept and Development Trends
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Bronius Sudavičius, Elena Vaitiekienė . Special Municipal Environmental Protection Support Programmes: Problem Aspects of Legal Regulation
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Tomas Chochrin, Rūta Lazauskaitė. The Doctrine of Laesio Enormis in Lithuanian Contract Law
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Yuliya Vashchenko. Legal Issues of the Public Administration in Ukraine in the Context of Constitutional and Public Administration Reforms
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Radu Carp, Andra Karla Sienerth. Decentralization in Romania: A Constant Failed Reform Under Scrutiny from the Constitutional Limits Perspective
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Dalia Misiūnaitė-Kamarauskienė. Recent Case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union Regarding the Fundamental Rights to Respect for Private and Family Life and to Protection of Personal Data
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