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Jurisprudence, 2014, No. 21(1)

Vytautas Sinkevičius. Is the Amendment to Article 125 of the Constitution Unconstitutional?
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Mindaugas Maksimaitis. From the History of Lithuanian Courts: The Court of Appeal (1933–1944)
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Virginija Kondratienė, Alfonsas Vaišvila. Some Aspects of Relation Between Subsidiarity and Legal Personalism (1)
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Arndt Künnecke. The European Concept of Minorities. Development and Impact (Part II)
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Tomas Ambrasas. Bank Resolution Mechanisms According to Lithuanian Case Study
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Evaldas Klimas, Julius Lankelis. Determination of Public Interest – Objective Criteria
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Gytis Kuncevičius, Violeta Kosmačaitė. Public Administration as the Subject Matter of Administrative Law: Some Problematic Aspects
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Liina Jents, Aleksei Kelli. Legal Aspects Of Processing Personal Data in Development and Use of Digital Language Resources: The Estonian Perspective
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Yuliya Vashchenko. Energy Regulator in Ukraine: Legal Aspects of the Independence in the Light of the EU Requirements
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Bronislav Totskyi. Legal Certainty as a Basic Principle of the Land Law of Ukraine
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Rihards Poļaks, Valentija Liholaja. Distinction Between Euthanasia and Valid Medical Decision and Its Impact on Unborn Life
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Salomėja Zaksaitė. Fiction in Criminal Procedure: Between the Ontological “Reality”, Law Making and Application of Law
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Genovaitė Babachinaitė, Artūras Petkus. Some Essential Criminological Problems in the Context of the Social Changes in Lithuania during the Last Twenty Years
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Georgeta Valeria Sabău. Self-Defense in the Romanian New Penal Code: Removing the Blame Cause as an Unimpeachable Cause
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Stefan Kirchner. Cross-Border Environmental Risks and International Consultation and Cooperation Duties
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