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Jurisprudence, 2013, No. 20(3)

Mindaugas Maksimaitis. The Granary of Legal Thought. Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of “Jurisprudence”
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Saulius Katuoka. On the Issue of Relationship of the European Union and International Law
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Lyra Jakulevičienė, Vladimiras Siniovas. Protection under the European Convention on Human Rights – Oasis for Asylum Seekers in Europe?
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Fernando Arlettaz. Minority Rights in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Conceptual Considerations
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Aistė Račkauskaitė–Burneikienė. The Impact of General Human Rights on the Protection of Persons Belonging to National Minorities
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Arndt Künnecke. New EU Standards of Consumer Protection? New Directive on Consumer Rights 2011/83/EU
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Vincent Forray. Ambivalences in Consumer Law: Remarks on the Effects of Writing the Law
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Ieva Deviatnikovaitė. The Concept of European Administrative Law and the Background of the Development of the Law on Administrative Procedure of the European Union
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Algimantas Šindeikis. Freedom of Speech and Its Limits During Two Decades of Independence
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Rūta Petkuvienė. Justice and Equity Within Civil Process
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Ramūnas Birštonas. Accession as a Mode of Acquisition and Loss of Ownership in the Lithuanian Civil Law
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Agnė Tikniūtė, Jūratė Usonienė. Legal Status of the Sole Managing Body: Is Unambiguousness Possible?
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Laura Gumuliauskienė, Dalija Svirbutienė. Notary Topicalities
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Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice, Martynas Bandza. Particularities of Legal Regulation of the International Operations
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Gintautas Bužinskas. The EU Member Countries’ National Law Influence on the Reform of the Institution of Labour Disputes in the Republic of Lithuania
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Tomas Bagdanskis. Problems of Application of Employee’s Duty not to Compete
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Justinas Žilinskas. The Influence of Using Cyber Technologies in Armed Conflicts on International Humanitarian Law
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Annija Kārkliņa. Dissolution of Parliament in Latvia: Legal Regulation and Practice
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Yuliya Vashchenko. National Regulatory Authorities in the Energy Sector of Ukraine: Problems of the Legal Status in the Context of the European Integration and the Administrative Reform
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Olena Grebeniuk. Main Challenges and Prospects of Improving Ukrainian Legislation on Criminal Liability for Crimes Related to Drug Testing in the Context of European Integration
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