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Jurisprudence, 2012, No. 19(4)

Koen Lenaerts. Defining the Concept of ‘Services of General Interest’ in Light of the ‘Checks and Balances’ Set Out in the EU Treaties
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Allan Rosas. When is the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Applicable at National Level?
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Jan Kudrna. Human Rights – Real of Just Formal Rights? Example of the (Un)Constitutionality of Data Retention in the Czech Republic
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Saulius Katuoka, Monika Dailidaitė. Responsibility of Transnational Corporations for Human Rights Violations: Deficiencies of International Legal Background and Solutions Offered by National and Regional Legal Tools
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Stefan Kirchner. The Confessional Secret between State Law and Canon Law and the Right to Freedom of Religion under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights
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Julija Kiršienė, Charles F. Szymanskiю A Value-Based Approach to Teaching Legal Ethics
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Giedrė Lastauskienė. „Interpretative Play“ by Courts and their Doctrinal Assumptions
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Vitalius Tumonis. Legal Realism & Judicial Decision-Making
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Lucia Hurná. Asylum Legal Framework and Policy of the Slovak Republic
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Laurynas Biekša, Eglė Samuchovaitė. Problems of Application of Detention of Asylum Seekers in the Practice of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania
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Ugnius Trumpulis. Theoretical and Practical Assumptions Regarding the Application of Mediation While Solving Administrative Disputes in Lithuania
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Gytis Kuncevičius, Violeta Kosmačaitė. Issues of Application of the Disciplinary Liability
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Rimvydas Norkus, Edvardas Sinkevičius. Issues of Compatibility Between Insolvency Proceedings and Commercial Arbitration
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Ramūnas Birštonas, Viktorija Budreckienė. Legal Effects of Registration of Ownership in Immovable Property
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Agnė Tikniūtė, Saulė Milčiuvienė. Legal Regulation of Renewable Energy Market
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Andrejus Novikovas. Peculiarities of Administrative Legal Regulation of Metrology
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Indrė Špokienė. The Catalogue of Patients’ Duties in Lithuania: The Legal Analysis of Contents
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Viktoras Tiažkijus. Gaps in Labour Law and Their Influence on Flexibility and Stability of the Labour Law System
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Martin Reufels, Karl Molle. Labour Law Within the Recent Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
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Tomas Bagdanskis. Peculiarities of the Settlement of Collective Labour Disputes in Lithuania
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Edita Gruodytė. Peculiarities and Problems of Criminal Liability for Work of Third Country Nationals while Implementing Directive 2009/52/EC
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Genovaitė Babachinaitė. The Main Features of Contemporary Criminality in Lithuania
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