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Jurisprudence, 2012, No. 19(3)

Happy Anniversary for Professor Juozas Žilys
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Egidijus Bieliūnas. Memoirs about Professor Juozas Žilys
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Gediminas Bulota. Memoirs about Professor Juozas Žilys
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Mindaugas Maksimaitis. The Echo of Historical Lithuanian Grand Duchy in Modern Law of Lithuania
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Jonas Prapiestis. Sources of Restoration of Statehood and its Constitutional Consolidation
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Vytautas Sinkevičius. Drafting of the 1992 Constitution: Passages from the Notes of that Period
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Milda Vainiutė. The Preamble of the Constitution: The Key to Understanding the Constitutional Regulatory System
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Egidijus Jarašiūnas. Qualitative and Quantitative Parameters of the Execution of Foreign Policy in the Lithuanian Constitution
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Egidijus Šileikis. In Search for Conceptual Comprehension of the Institute of Impeachment
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Dalia Vasarienė. The Constitutional Foundations of the Financial System of the State of Lithuania
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Toma Birmontienė. The Influence of Economic Crisis on the Constitutional Doctrine of Social Rights
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Egidijus Kūris. On the Dissenting Opinions of the Constitutional Court Justices: Some Behavioural Aspects
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Rima Ažubalytė. Influence of the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court on the Criminal Procedure
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Egidija Stauskienė. Impact of Constitutional Justice on Lithuaniaʼs Civil Procedure
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Vytautas Nekrošius. Protection of Public Interest in Civil Procedure and the Doctrine of the Constitutional Court
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Vytautas Mizaras. Issues of Intellectual Property Law in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
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Justinas Usonis. Evolution of Problems in the Lithuanian Labour Law from 1990
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Genovaitė Dambrauskienė. Workload Quotas for District Court Judges as a Precondition for Implementation of Justice
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Regina Valutytė. Legal Consequences for the Infringement of the Obligation to Make a Reference for a Preliminary Ruling under Constitutional Law
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Saulius Katuoka. The Concept and Legal Personality of National Minorities in International Law
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Justinas Žilinskas. “Just War” Doctrine and its Reflections in our Times
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Oleg Fedosiuk. Criminal Legislation against Illegal Income and Corruption: Between Good Intentions and Legitimacy
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