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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 76(68)

Ryšardas Burda, Algimantas Kliunka. Particularity Action as Instigation of Pre–Trial Investigation Stage
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Janina Juškevičiūtė. Development of the Institute of Specialist in Lithuanian Criminal Procedure
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Elżbieta Żywucka-Kozłowska, Kazimiera Juszka. The Need of Criminal Education according to Students of Law, Prosecuting Attorneys, Judges, Policemen and Forensic Doctors
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Ernestas Lipnickas. Criminalistics Evaluation of Integration of the Covert Investigative Activities into Criminal Process of Lithuania
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Marzena Anna Wasilewska. The Interpretation of the Language and Contents of Historical Documents (Selected Issues_
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Dainius Žilinskas. Conditions for the Police Law: Relation between the Police Law and the Administrative Law
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Raimundas Naktinis. Gravel Mine Detection Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Method
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Saulius Greičius. Aspects of Legal Regulations of Employment of Compulsion in Implementing the Functions of State Border Guard Service
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Saulius Mulevičius, Darius Petrošius. Ethical Moral Aspects of Operational Activities
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Vidmantas Mečkauskas. Substantial Problems of the Police Activities Control: the Sructuring
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Mindaugas Bilius. International Police Cooperation in the Context of National Security
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Raimundas Kalesnykas. The Threat as a Dimension for Security Industry Development
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Kęstutis Šimkus. Juridical Regulation of Electronic Intelligence in Foreign Countries
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Natalia Fochenkova. The Problems of Realization of the Principle of Competitiveness of the Parties in the New Criminal Code of Lithuania
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