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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 75(67)

The Celebration of the 65th Birthday Anniversary of Professor Eugenijus Palskys
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Samuelis Kuklianskis. The Theoretical Grounds of Pre-Trial Investigation
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Ryšardas Burda. Sight of Professor Eugenijus Palskys at Concept about the Proof
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Ramūnas Jurgaitis. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Pre-Trial Investigation in Accelerated Procedure
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Raimundas Jurka. The Security of Witnesses as the Measure Ensuring the Reliability of Their Testimonies
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Janina Juškevičiūtė. Codification of Specialist Activities in Criminal Procedure Code of Lithuania
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Jolanta Kanapeckaitė. Rechtzeitige Aufdeckung und Feststellung von der geistigen Behinderungen des Verdächtigten
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Artūras Panomariovas, Ramūnas Ramanauskas. Le secret - le moyen de la découverte de la vérité dans le procès pénal
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Vilma Sakalauskienė, Redas Davidonis. Influence of Scientific and Pedagogical Activities of Prof. Eugenijus Palskys to Criminalistics Development in Lithuania
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Ernestas Rimšelis. Disclosure of Pre-Trail Investigation Data in Court when Imposing Measures of Restraint
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Petras Tarasevičius. The Essentials Problems of the Bylaw Juridical Regulation of Operational Activities and Pre-Trial Investigation
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