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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 74(66)

Ingrida Mačernytė-Panomariovienė. The Meaning of Distinction of Types of Employment Contracts and Determination of Them
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Genovaitė Dambrauskienė. The Legal Basis of Social Dialogue
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Daiva Petrylaitė. The Role and Importance of Collective Bargaining solving Collective Labour Disputes: Polish Practice and Future Prospects in Lithuania
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Juozas Tartilas. The Problem of Unemployment
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Rytis Krasauskas. Legal Preconditions for the Activity of the Tripartite Council of Republic of Lithuania in Lithuania
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Agnė Razgūnienė. The Peculiarities of Employment Contract Institute in the Baltic States
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Ramunė Guobaitė-Kirslienė. The Essence Dynamics of the Legal Regulation of Working Time
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Genovaitė Babachinaitė, Vygandas Paulikas. Unemployment and Crime Rate in Rural Lithuania after 1990
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