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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 72(64)

Saulius Katuoka. Particularities of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
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Ignas Vėgėlė. The Decisions of the European Court of Justice on the Right of Establishment of Companies
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Skirgailė Žaltauskaitė-Žalimienė. Die neueste Entwiklungstendenzen der Dienstleistungsfreiheit in der EU
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Justinas Žilinskas. The Role of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania in European Affairs Scrutiny: Drafting, Model, Procedures
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Pavelas Ravluševičius. Implementation of European Union Consumer Protection Law into National Legislation
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Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska. Harmonisation of the Polish Law with the EU Directives in the Field of Biomedicine
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Barbara Mielink. Freedom of Movement of Workers between Old and New Member States of the EU
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Elżbieta Socha. Rights of Polish Citizens on the Basis of Schengen Convention
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Anželika Banevičienė. Meaning of „Concentration“ Differences according to Lithuanian Law and EC Law on Concentrations
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Eglė Rinkevičiūtė. Ensuring of the Uniform Interpretation of the EU Law in the Judicial Practice of the Member States
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Inga Daukšienė. Die Freizügigkeit der Arbeitnehmer und die öffentliche Verwaltung
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Laurynas Biekša. Grounds for Detention of Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Lithuania
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Inga Kazlovaitė. Schengen Facility in Lithuania
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Peter Van Elsuwege. The Treaty of Accession and Differentiation in the EU
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Koen Van den Bossche. EU Enlargements and Fisheries: a Legal Analysis Steps towards the Re-Nationalisation of EU Maritime Waters
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Stéphane Arnaud. European Union Enlargement Impact on the Activities of the European Court of Justice
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