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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 67(59)

Vytautas Sinkevičius. The Principles and Limits of Interpretation of the Constitution
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Darius Štitilis, Rolandas Krikščiūnas, Rimantas Petrauskas. Some Aspects of the Implementation of the Procedural Law Section of the Convention on Cybercrime in Lithuania
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Jolita Malinauskaitė. Development and Prospects of the Law Policy against Smuggling
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Aistė Diržytė, Ilona Čėsnienė. Psychological Evaluation of Children’s Eyewitness Testimonies in Criminal Law
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Žilvinas Mišeikis. Instigation of Pre-Trial Investigation as a Separate Stage of Criminal Procedure
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Marina Gušauskienė. The Implementation of Participants‘ Equal Procedural Rights during the Process of Pre-Trial Investigation
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Ernestas Rimšelis. Essential Violations of Criminal Procedure in the New Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania
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Daina Vasiliauskienė, Virginija Mikučionienė, Eduardas Vaitkevičius. Influence of Combined Investigation of Damages of the Clothing in Order to identify the Instrument- Stun Gun for Self-Defence
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Lina Novikovienė. Die Auffassung der Kriminalistischen Vorbeugung
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Ernestas Lipnickas. Some Problematic Issues of the Legal Regulation of Bribery Detection and Investigation
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Jurgita Grigienė. Some Features of Choice of Jurisdiction in International Civil Procedure
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Irida Žibūdienė. The Novelty and the Individual Character are the Conditions of Legal Protection
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Gediminas Sagatys. Topical Issues of Children Support Obligation Entities
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Rytis Jokubauskas. The Importance of Precedent as the Source of Law in Lithuania in 1918–1940
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Leta Dromantienė. Historical Evolution of Lithuanian Cultural Legal Sources in European Civilization
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Leta Dromantienė. EU Social Policy for Disabled: Discourse of Human Recourses
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Ilona Jančařova. Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure
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Petras Ragauskas. The Concept of Statute
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