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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 66(58)

Tatjana Averjanova. Moral Certainty of Expert as Rational Base of his Morality
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Rafał Cieśla. Specialistic Expertise in the Polish Doctrine of Penal Proceedings and Criminalistics
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Jiří Straus, Viktor Porada. Concise Biomechanics of Extreme Dynamic Loading on Organism
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Rolandas Krikščiūnas, Janina Juškevičiūtė. Inspection Act Analyses and Evaluation in Civil Law
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Liudmila Kuzničenko. Problems of Theory and Practice of Forensic Qualifier Authorship Examination
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Nadežda Mailis. The Modern Approaches at Research of Products of Mass Manufacture
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Krzysztof Maksymowicz, Jakub Trnka, Janusz Markiewicz, Hanna Maksymowicz. The Application of Computer Tomography in the Diagnosis of Penetrating Gunshot Wounds Caused by Non-lethal Weapons
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Marzena Anna Wasilewska. Significance of Pathological Changes of Handwriting and Disturbances in Current and Contents of Thoughts Perceptible in Written Statements
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Janina Juškevičiūtė. Opportunities of Examination of Latent Blood Traces
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Audrona Spiečiūtė, Marius Barkauskas. Economical Examination in Lithuania in 2004 Year
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Rasa Tamošiūnaitė. Preparation of Experimental Samples for Examination of Handwriting Objects
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Anelė Žalkauskienė. System of Criminalistic Linguistic Examination Tasks
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Piotr Girdwoyń. New Methods of Identification in the Courts’ Practice
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Zoltán Hautzinger. The Present and the Future of Forensic Identification
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Jerzy Kasprzak. Forensic Otoscopy – New Method of Human Identification
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Mirosław Jan Lisiecki. Identity Parade – Executable Identification by Procedural Institution or Specialist or Expert
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Viktoras Justickis. Limits of Usage of Special Psychological Knowledge in Law
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Egidijus Radzevičius. Problems of Application of Special Knowledge to Investigation of Criminal Work Safety Violation Facts in Lithuania
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Bernardas Šalna, Juozas Kamarauskas. Problems and Prospects of Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition by Voice
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