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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 65(57)

Csaba Fenyvesi. Development Tendencies and Perspectives of Forensic Science
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Aleksandr Filippov. Some Theoretical Problems of Modern Russian Criminalistics
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Anrijs Kavalieris. Place of the Criminalistics in the System of Sciences
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Vladimirs Terehovičs, Elita Nīmande. Logically Methodological Aspects of Positioning Criminalistics in the System of Scientific Knowledge
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Alvydas Barkauskas. Opportunities of Realisation of Crime Investigation Versions in Crime Investigation
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Eglė Kažemikaitienė, Snieguolė Matulienė. The Criminalistics Crime Characteristic – One of the Creation Ground of Criminal Justice Information System Model in Lithuania
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Ernestas Lipnickas. Analysis of Criminalistics Definition of the Crime Detection
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Lina Novikovienė. The Criminalistic Prophylaxis in Prie-Trial Investigation: Situation Analysis
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Csongor Herke. The Tactics of Compulsory Measures that Terminated Individual Liberty
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Violetta Kwiatkowska-Darul. Particular Subjects of Interrogation as Unceasing Challenge for Interrogators
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Bence Mészáros. Secret Agent in Hungarian Law
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Tatjana Volčeckaja, Natalija Fočenkova. The Transnational Environmental Crime and its Investigation
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Ryšardas Burda. Features of Formation of Traces in Economic Crimes
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Rolandas Krikščiūnas. System of Criminal Tactical Means: Features and Concepts
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Egidijus Kurapka, Hendryk Malevski. A Contemporary Conception of Crime Investigation and its Criminalistic and Procedural Assurance: Current Scientific Achievements and Perspectives
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Gintarė Šatienė. The Peculiarities in Describing Corruption’s Criminalistic Description
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Vladimir Bachin, Nikifor Karpov, Aleksandr Karpov. Personnel Training – Condition of Improvement of Fight against Criminality
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Michail Cymbal, Ella Simakova–Jefremian. Scientific and Experimental Trends of Charkov Institute of Forensic Expertise Research
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Leonids Makans. Several Methods of Training in Criminalistics and Police Intelligence for Full Time Students
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Hendryk Malevski, Eglė Latauskienė, Snieguolė Matulienė. Preparation of Master Thesis in Mykolas Romeris University in the Context of Development of Criminalistic Science
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