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Jurisprudence, 2008, No. 8(110)

Genovaitė Dambrauskienė. Problems of Modernisation and Development of Labour Law
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Juozas Tartilas. A Critical Approach to the Labour Safety Legislation
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Audrius Bitinas. Lithuanian Model of Pension System and the Perspectives of Pension Guarantees
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Tomas Davulis. The Modernisation Perspectives of Lithuanian Labour and Employment Law
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Nerijus Kasiliauskas. Problems of the Status of a Representative Trade Union
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Daiva Petrylaitė. The Perspectives of Developing a Unified Institute of Labour Law Disputes in Lithuanian Labour Law
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Agnė Tikniūtė. Directors’ Duty to Creditors: Contemporary Legal Issues
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Justinas Usonis, Tomas Bagdanskis. Perspectives of Temporary Agency Work in Lithuania
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Diana Gumbrevičiūtė – Kuzminskienė. The Concept of Shifting the Burden of Proof and the Mechanism in the Cases of Employment Discrimination
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Marius Jarulaitis. Regulation of the Non-Conventional Employment Relations
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Vida Petrylaitė. Coordinating the Material Scope of Social Security Systems: Selected Social Benefits in Lithuania
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Aušra Tartilaitė. Constitutional Regulation of Safety and Health at Work
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