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Jurisprudence, 2004, No. 59(51)

Ernestas Spruogis. Social Human Rights and their Constitutionalization in Lithuania
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Rokas Uscila. Social and Legal Defence of Crime Victims in Lithuania: Evaluation of Situation
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Artūras Panomariovas. Theoretical – Controversial Aspects of the Procedural Control of Pre-trial Investigation
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Alfredas Kiškis. Television Violence: the Negative Effect on Children and Its Prevention
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Justinas Sigitas Pečkaitis, Liaudginas Erdvilas Radavičius. Medical and Legal Aspects of Suicide
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Arūnas Paukštė. The Definition of Terrorism
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Linas Belevičius. Use of Technical Means in Recording Criminal Procedural Actions
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Adolfas Kaziliūnas. Market Surveillance of Goods and Services according the Requirements of the Directives Based on the New Approach and the Global Approach
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Rima Ambrazevičienė. The Evolution of the Policy of Legal Regulation on Public Procurement in Lithuania
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Vytautas Šulija. The Reform of Property Taxation in Lithuania and Perspectives thereof
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Simona Selelionytė. State as a Subject of Tort Liability
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Kęstutis Jankauskas. The Role of the Principles of Law in the Legal Process and Peculiarities of Their Effect on Relations Regulation
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