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Jurisprudence, 2004, No. 53(45)

Jonas Kačerauskas. The Problem of Intermediary Offence in the Criminal Code of Lithuania
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Irmantas Rotomskis. Influence of Electronic Commerce for Tax Nexus
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Alvydas Barkauskas. Problems of the Investigation of Typical Criminal Versions
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Ieva Truncienė. Guilt and Its Evaluation in Crimes against Road Traffic Safety and Motor Vehicle Operation
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Dainius Raižys, Vigintas Višinskis. Some Issues Related to the Enforcement of Administrative Sanctions
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Egidijus Krivka. Problems of Implementation of the Res Judicata Principle in Group Action Procedure
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Rasa Tamošiūnaitė. Investigation Problems of Signature and Nominal Entry during Identification Person in Handwriting Examination
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Kazimieras Meilius, Jonas Juškevičius. The Right to Defence in Ecclesiastic Tribunal
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Mindaugas Maksimaitis. The Coalition of Central Parties within the Constituent Assembly and the Constitution of Lithuania of 1922
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