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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 49(41)

Aurelijus Gutauskas. Organized Criminality in Lithuania: Factual State and Law Enforcement Institutions' Practice
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Kęstutis Vitkauskas. Validity of Police Officers’ Right to Better Social Security
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Alfonsas Laurinavičius, Rūta Jovaišienė. Customs and Career Problems
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Andrejus Novikovas. Public Order Protection in Municipal Area: Legal and Organization Aspects
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Dainius Žilinskas. Premises of the Police Law: the Problem of Legal Regulation of Operative Activities
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Petras Tarasevičius. Relationship of Surveillance Activities and Pre-Trial Investigation
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Saulius Mulevičius. Possibility of Risk Control in the Surveillance Actions
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Raimundas Kalesnykas, Vidmantas Mečkauskas. Police Law in Poland: Functional Approach to System
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Petras Ancelis. On Crime Victim's Legal Status under New Penal Laws
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Raimundas Jurka. The Legal Aspects of Witness Protection Mechanisms
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Alvydas Barkauskas. The Creation of Foundation for Criminal Version
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Petras Ancelis, Eglė Šapalaitė. On Material Objects Status in Criminal Procedure
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Artūras Panomariovas, Ramūnas Ramanauskas. Pre-Legal Investigation Forms in the Republic of France
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Ryšardas Burda. The Beginning of Pre-Judicial Investigation: the Present and Prospect
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Rimantas Minkevičius, Robertas Veršinskas. Modeling Fitness of Officials: Frontier Guard Units
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Saulius Greičius, Antanas Butavičius, Viačeslavas Čigrinas. Research on Forced Stopping of Vehicles Using Fire-Arms
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