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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 47(39)

Gintautas Danišauskas. On the Question of Properties of Legal Concept
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Juozas Žilys. Some Legal, Political and Historical Aspects of the Restoration of the Institution of the President of the Republic of Lithuania in 1990–1992
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Darius Sauliūnas. Problems of legal Nature of Internet Domain Names
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Rokas Uscila. Victim-Offender Inversion: Victimological Analysis
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Alfredas Kiškis. The Criminological Information Systems in Lithuania: Statistical Aspects
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Darius Štitilis. Criminalization of Illegal Access to Computer Information
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Jolanta Kanapeckaitė. The Compulsory Participation of Defender in the Pre-Trial Investigation - the Quarantee of the Exercise of Legal Rights and Interest of Defendant with Physical and Insance Limitation
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Sonata Mališauskaitė. The Problems of Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Punishment Measures and the Methods of its Solution
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Ramūnas Liutikas. Conditional Release in the Law System of Lithuania
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Gediminas Davulis. Development of the Legal Bases Regulating Foreign Investments in the Republic of Lithuania and its Influence on the Process of Investments
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Gediminas Lisauskas. The Interrelation between Financial Leasing and Direct Leasing under the New Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania
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Inga Žalėnienė. Some Questions on Legal Representation in the New Code of Civil Procedure
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