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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 43(35)

Averjanova T. Actual Problems of Criminalistics
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Burda R. New Criminal Process Code – New Tasks of Criminalistics Tactics
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Juškevičiūtė J. Offender Profiling – a New Untraditional Crime Investigation Method
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Justickis V., Valickas G. Functions of Forensic Psychological Expertise
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Kauczinski D. Development, Present State and Prospects of DNA Analysis in the State Criminal Investigation Department of Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania
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Kavalieris A. Integration of Investigation and Intelligence Activities – Towards Effectiveness of Investigation
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Kažemikaitienė E. Criminalistic Registration System in Lithuania
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Kegel Z., Cieśla R. Qualification Control of Experts in Poland
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Krikščiūnas R. Die Besonderheiten der Expertisenanordnung im Zivilprozess
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Kurapka V. E., Malevski H. The Modern Conception of Crime Investigation and its Criminalistic and Procedurial Assurance: the First Results
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Kwiatkowska-Darul V. The Role of Questions in the Examination
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Latauskienė E., Matulienė S., Raudys R. Criminalistics as an Integrated Science: Process Proofs and Practice
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Latauskienė E. Usage of Special Knowledge of Investigation of Crimes of Narcotic Substances: State and Prospects
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Mailis N. Ethics of Expert Activity
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Radzevičius E. Special Knowledge while Investigating Criminal Work Safety Rules Violations
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Ryngevič R. Die Anwendung von Kenntnissen und Methoden der kriminalistischen Linguistik in unterschiedlichen forensischen Expertisen
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Szostak M. Set of Problems of Methodological Classification of Destructive Sects as Forms of Social Pathology versus Criminalistics Science Competences Scope
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Trzciński M. A Contemporary Problem of Criminality Against the Goods of Culture in Poland
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Terehovičs V. Criminalistic Characteristics of Some Articles Withdrawn from Prisoners at Riga Central Prison
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Varnaitė J., Sitienė R. Influence of Complex Bodily Injuries and Damages of Clothing on the Investigation in order to Identify the Instrument
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Zakaras A. Defining Knife-blade Width by Pierced-cut Wound in Skin Scraps
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Maksymowicz K., Trnka J., Jurek T., Szleszkowski Ł. Relinquishment of a Criminal Examination of a Bicycle Wheel as a Main Proof in Assessing the Circumstances of Inflicting Serious Bodily Injuries
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Maksymowicz K., Kawecki J., Szatny H. Conformabilities and Discrepancies in the Opinions of Experts of Forensic Medicine and Road Traffic in Assessing the Circumstances of a Motorcycle Accident
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Schuclze D., Rapp A. Anforderung an die polizeiliche Aus - und Fortbildung in einem vereinten Europa; Gemeinsame Projekte der Fachhochschule für Polizei Sachsen mit den Mittel – und Osteuropäischen Staaten
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