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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 40(32)

Genovaitė Dambrauskienė. Principles of Collective Bargaining in the International and Lithuanian Labour Law
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Tomas Davulis. Information of Employees of the Conditions Applicable to their Employment in the Law of European Communities and in Lithuanian Labour Law
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Rytis Krasauskas. The Importance of Collective Agreement in the Plant Level, as the Source of Lithuanian Labour Law, Development and Perspectives of the Local Regulation in the Plant Level
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Daiva Petrylaitė. The Mediation in the Settling Collective Labour Disputes
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Juozas Tartilas. The Work Guarantees of Employees in the New Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania
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Rasa Macijauskienė. Termination of Employment Contract without Notification, when Employee Outrageously Violates Labour Duties
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Valerija Gerikienė, Inga Blažienė. Minimum Wage Differentiation: International Attitudes and EU Experience
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Ingrida Mačernytė–Panomariovienė. Facultative Guarantees to Employees in the Event of Insolvency of the Employer
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Tomas Bagdanskis. The problems of the Employer’s material Responsibility in Labour Law
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Justinas Usonis. The Principle of Uniformity of Labour Laws and their Differentiation
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Vaidotas Balynas. Problematical Issues of Non-Contentious Proceedings Hearing Cases Settling the Fact of Law as Concerning the Tenure of Building, Land and Forest Property
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Vilius Nikitinas. Development and Peculiarities of Pension Funds
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