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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 37(29)

Goda Ambrasaitė. Appeal: the main novelties in the new Code of Civil procedure
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Virgilijus Valančius. The new Code of civil procedure: will the performance of a judge become more complicated?
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Egidijus Krivka. Protection of the Public Interest in the New Code of Civil Procedure of Lithuania
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Rimantas Norkus. Default Judgement: Problematic Aspects of Application
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Inga Žemkauskienė. The causes of the reform of non–contentious proceedings
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Dangutė Ambrasienė, Solveiga Cirtautienė. The Institute of Special Defences of Creditor's Rights in Contractual Relationships
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Egidijus Baranauskas. Notary’s Civil Liability: Important Issues
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Petras Antanas Miškinis. Problems of Cohabitees’ Rights Regulation
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Antanas Rudzinskas. Problems of Compensation of Non–Real Damage on the Background of Non–Contractual Obligfations
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Asta Dambrauskaitė. Problematic Aspects of Restitution as a Consequence of Invalid Transactions
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Leonas Virginijus Papirtis, Inga Kudinavičiūtė. Legal Regulation and Recording of Church Marriages
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Gediminas Sagatys. Problem of Biologic and Actual Paternity Relation and Children’s Rights
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