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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 36(28)

A. Šakočius. New Identified Socio-Integrative Problems in Policing
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A. Urmonas. Social Changes and Subjectivity of Police
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D. Žilinskas. Methodological and Theoretical Grounds for Police Law
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A. Laurinavičius. The Complex of Statutory Officer Career Problems
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R. Kalesnykas, V. Mečkauskas. The Use of CCTV for Ensuring Public Security: Legal and Organizational Aspects
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K. Vitkauskas, S. Greičius. Connection between Officer’s Secure Orientation and Motivation and their Impact on Studies
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V. Gaška, R. Veršinskas. Experimental Substantiation of Bachelor Student’s General and Special Physical Training Methods
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A. Janušauskas, V. Čigrinas. The Prognostics Aspects of Shooters Training
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V. Smalskys. Personal Select and Training Policy Procedural Aspect in Poland Police
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D. Petrošius. Information War and its Possibility in Criminal Intelligence
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