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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 35(27)

R. Tidikis. Methodological Premises for Systemisation or Knowledge on the Police Sciences
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A. Šakočius. Security of Living Environment and Definition of the Modern Policing
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Č. Mančinskas. Science of Police in Lithuania in 1922– 1940
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A. Laurinavičius. The career Peculiarities of State Statutory Institutions Officers
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K. Vitkauskas, S. Greičius. Impact of Police Officers’ Preventive Work on Ensuring Safe Traffic
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V. Pataševas. Solutions to the Problems of Usage of Police Duty Firearms Research on Handguns Suitability
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D. Petrošius. Peculiarities of the Employment of Law and Forcement Institutions Specialist to the Job with the Confidential Information
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E. Misiūnas. The Factors Maintaining Violence against Police
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R. Veršinskas, V. Gušauskas. Stimulation of Biological Activity – the Method of Administration for Career Education
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P. Ancelis, S. Juzukonis. The Concept of Victim in the Criminal Procedure of Lithuania and other Countries
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A. Kestenis. Police Role in the Demand Oriented Primary Drug Abuse Prevention
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A. Novikovas. The Role of Local Government Institutions in Public Order Protection
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F. Pakes. New Developments in Police Legislation in England and Wales
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