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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 34(26)

D. Beinoravičius. Crossroads of Statute and Law in Modern Europe
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G. Lisauskas. The Concept of Leasing (Financial Lease) under the New Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania
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R. Degesys. Dilemma of Choice between Methods of Taxation of Permanent Establishments
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G. Pranevičius. The Concept of European Community Trade Mark and Persons Entitled to Registration of European Community Trade Mark
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J. Žilinskas, A. Čepas. Transfer or Persons to International Criminal Court and its Problems in International Law
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G. Jurgelaitienė. Effectual Preconditions of the Prevention of the Secondary (Recidivism) Crime
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P. Kujalis The Conception of Circumstances Excluding Criminal Responsibility
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A. Miškinis, V. Justickis, A. Petrovas. Tax Ombudsmen. Its Essence and Functions in the Taxation System
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G. Danišauskas. Opportunities and Limits to use Principles of Market Economy in Police Activities
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A. Abramavičius. Review of Monograph „Extortion and its Legal Appraisal“ by Dr. Olegas Fedosiukas
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