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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 33(25)

D. Beinoravičius. Tendencies of Developments in the Crossroads of Statute and Law
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J. Lakis. Conflict Management in Public Sector: the Legal and Organizational Problems
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E. Jarašiūnas. Highest Law and Ordinary Law: Transformation of the Approach to a Constitution
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J. Skirius. The Problem of International Recognition Granted to Lithuania by the USA in 1922
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L. Dromantienė. Relation between National and European Identity into European Integration
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A. Gineitis. The Law of the Ship‟s Flag in Legal Relations of Carriage of Goods by Sea
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R. Krikščiūnas. Examination and Participation of the Specialist in the Process in Civil Cases Investigation
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G. Sagatys. Protection of a Child‟s Right to Family Relationships under the European Convention of Human Rights
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G. Pranevičius. Rights Conferred by European Community Trade Mark
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A. Nevera. The Identification of the Criminal Act Place and its Significance for the State‟s Criminal Jurisdiction
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R. Brūzgienė. Language of the New Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania
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D. Štitilis. Provisions of International Document in the Field of Electronic Commerce and their Implementation in Lithuania
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A. Anušauskas. Review of Monograph „Crimes against Humanity and Genocide in International Law and Law of Lithuania“ by Dr. Justinas Žilinskas
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J. Prapiestis. Review of Monograph „Extortion and its Legal Appraisal“ by Dr. Olegas Fedosiukas
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