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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 32(24)

L. Baublys. The Features of the Stoic Ethics Influence to the Roman Law
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L. Vysockienė. Detention of Asylum Seekers in International Law and in the Practice of States
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E. Žiobienė. Legal Doctrine of Privacy in USA
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S. Šedbaras. Probleme des Begriffes einiger Bestandteile des Verwaltungsverfahrens
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A. Urmonas, B. Pranevičienė. The Essence of Administrative Discretion and Possibilities of Discretions Control
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G. Danišauskas. The Implementation of Natural Human Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania – a Progressive Part of the Common Culture
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D. Dzemydienė, R. Naujikienė, M. Čaplinskienė. Legal Information Structure of Environment Protection Systems for Contamination Evaluation Processes
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A. Panomariovas. Publicly Non-releasable Information - Secrets as Social Legal Phenomenon
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B. Pranevičienė. Ombudsman and Public Administration
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L. Meškauskaitė. Legal Regulation of the New Information Technologies
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A. Raudonienė. Transmission of the Classical Corruption Definition in Lithuania towards the Modern One
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S. Stačiokas, Z. Namavičius. Review of Monography „Constitutionalism and Civil Society“ by Authors of Law University of Lithuania
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J. Prapiestis. Review of Dr., Assoc. Prof. J. Žilinskas Monography „Crimes against Humanity and Genocide in International Law and Law of Lithuania“
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