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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 30(22)

A. Sakalas. Modern State and Constitution
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A. Pumputis. Constitution as Symbol and as Instrument
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E. Kūris. The Spirit of the Constitution
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A. Kubilius. Opening Word in the International Conrefence "Constitution in XXI century"
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Hans Paul Prümm. The Didactic Turn of German Legal Methodology
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G. Mesonis. The Criteria for Statehood: the Aspect of Constitutional Law
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C. Taube. Baltic Diversity: Comparing Constitutions
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E. Jarašiūnas. The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania in the Wider Context of Constitutional Development
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A. Vaišvila. Values-based priorites in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania
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E. Švilpaitė. The Constitution and Possibilities to Impose Restrictions on the Property Right
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E. Baltutytė. European Social Charter and Social Rights in the Constitution
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G. Dambrauskienė. Guarantees of the Constitutional Right to Work and the New Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania
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E. Žiobienė. Constitutional Right to Privacy: Limits of Spreading Information about Public and Private Persons
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A. Urmonas. Die Kontrollfunktionen der Prinzipien der Verfassungsrecht in der öffentlichen Recht
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G. Dalinkevičius. Ombudsmen as a Human Rights Protection Institution embeded in the Constitution of the Republic
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S. Katuoka. International Treaties and Lithuania
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E. Smith. Constitutional Judges and Other Means for Ensuring Compliance with the Constitution
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V. Sinkevičius. The Limits of the Jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
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T. Birmonienė. New Trends in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court
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J. Žilys. Some of the Legal Political Sources of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania of 25 October, 1992
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Z. Mikainis. The Influence of the Constitution upon the Development of Constitutionalism of Latvia
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M. Maksimaitis. Some of the Problems in the Historiography of the First Constitutions of Lithuania
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