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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 28(20)

Dambrauskienė G. Interaction of Civil and Employment Contracts
Read Download (downloaded - 539)    
Miškinis P. A. Self-defence in Lithuanian Civil Law
Read Download (downloaded - 602)    
Dambrauskaitė A. Invalid Transactions and Protection of Third Parties Acting in Good Faith
Read Download (downloaded - 393)    
Usonienė J. Author’s Rights Regulation and the New Civil Code. Relationship between General and Special Norms
Read Download (downloaded - 771)    
Švirinas D. The Interaction Between the Norms of Civil and Competition Law
Read Download (downloaded - 542)    
Laurinavičius K. Securities in the System of Objects of Civil Rights
Read Download (downloaded - 472)    
Pakalniškis V. The Doctrine of Property Right and the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania
Read Download (downloaded - 617)    
Fedosiuk O. The Ownership and Property in the Civil and Criminal Codes
Read Download (downloaded - 379)    
Kiršienė J. The Problems of Realization of Shascholdei’s
Read Download (downloaded - 550)    
Ambrasienė D. Change of Persons in an Obligation (Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects)
Read Download (downloaded - 1218)    
Papirtis L. V. Preliminary Contract
Read Download (downloaded - 1495)    
Norkūnas A. The Supreme Court of Lithuania
Read Download (downloaded - 515)    
Rudzinskas A. Points of Non-material Damage in the New Civil Code of Lithuania
Read Download (downloaded - 368)    
Baranauskas E. Enterprice Mortgage
Read Download (downloaded - 506)    
Meilius K., Sagatys G. The Overview of Recognizing Church Marriage
Read Download (downloaded - 660)    
Kudinavičiūtė I. Realization of Civil Code Norms Related with the Defence of the Family Members' Rights
Read Download (downloaded - 713)    
Cvelich M. The Place of Marriage Contract in the System of Contracts
Read Download (downloaded - 681)    
Ambrasaitė G. The Pre–trial Stange in the Draft Code of Civil Procedure
Read Download (downloaded - 1139)    
Driukas A. The Regulation of the Cassation Process in the New Civil Process Code
Read Download (downloaded - 706)    
Mikelėnas V. Unification and Harmonisation of Civil Procedural Law and the New Code of Civil Procedure of Lithuania
Read Download (downloaded - 457)    
Raižys D. The Main Research Problems of Complaints in the Administrative Cases of Law Violation
Read Download (downloaded - 1072)    
Valančius V. Some Features of the New Code of Civil Procedure
Read Download (downloaded - 573)    
Višinskis V. The Enforcement Procedure in Lithuania: the Present Situation and Trends of Reformation
Read Download (downloaded - 609)    
Žemkauskienė I. The Regulation of Non-contentious Proceedings in the New Code of Civil Procedure
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