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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 27(19)

Č. Bauža, P. Biveinis. Legal State Idea’s „Favour” for the Independence of Lithuania
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D. Beinoravičius. Social Compromise as the Sign of Legal Statute
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R. Šimašius. Law of Non-State Organisations and State Law
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L. Darulienė. The Sources of Competition Law in Lithuania and European Community
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A. Bertulis. Comprehension of the Tax Administration
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A. Golovko. Interrelationship between the State and the Church. The New Approach
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E. Kūris. Coordinating and Determining Constitutional Principles (2)
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K. Meilius, M. Jonaitis. Default Judgement as an Effective Means of Ensuring the Principle of the Proceeding Concentration in the New Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania
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D. Pelenis. Default Judgement in Foreign Civil Process Laws: Importance, Passing Conditions and Appeal
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E. Rapolas. Provisional Anti-Dumping Measures and their Application
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K. Šimkus, P. Tarasevičius. Indentity of Undercover Activities
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G. Babachinaitė. Youth Violence in Lithuania: Expression, Causes and Prevention
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