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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 26(18)

S. Arlauskas. The Sovereignty of Nation and the System of United Power in the Parlamentary Democracy
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A. T. Veličkienė. Lex maiestatis: Genesis and Implementors
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E. Kūris. Coordinating and Determining Constitutional Principles (1)
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A. Bakaveckas. Development of the System of Executive Institutions after the Restoration of the Independence
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R. Kalesnykas. Possibilities to Integrate Private Policing in the System of Law and Order
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G. Lastauskienė. Sociological Origins of the Development of Criminal Legal Sanctions.
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D. Vasarienė. Legal Singularities of Standby and Commercial Letters of Credit
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V. Rudzkienė. Analysis of Influence of Social–Economic Indices to Criminality in Lithuania
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G. Babachinaitė, V. Paulikas. Unemployment and Crime Rate in Lithuania in 1918–1990
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A. Urmonas. Objective Needs of Delinquency Control and Legal Status of Institutions
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S. Gečėnienė. Limitation of the Pre–trial Detention as the Strategic Direction in Reforming Juvenile Criminal Justice
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