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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 25(17)

Bužinskas G. The Trends of the Development of Laws Regulating Consideration of Labour Disputes
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Čiočys P. A. Lockout in Collective Labour Relations
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Dambrauskienė G. Flexible Employment Forms in Lithuania
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Gorbačiova Ž. Current Employment and Occupation Problems (Comparative Analysis)
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Gerikienė V. The Application of the Laws on the Problems of Renumeration for Work in Lithuania
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Gineitis A. Rules of Immediate Application
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Jakučionytė R. System for Supervising the Observance of Provisions of International Labour Standards
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Kubiak S. Collective Redundancies: A Comparative Study of the Legal Regulations of the European Union and the Republic of Poland
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Macijauskienė R. The Problems of the Material Responsibility in Labour Law
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Mačernytė-Panomariovienė I. Legal Nature of Guarantees for Employees
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Nikitinas V. Employer as a Person of Labour Law in the Republic of Lithuania and Foreign Countries
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Petrylaitė D. The Right to Strike and its Realisation Problems in Lithuania
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Swiatkowski A. M. Implementation of European Union Labour Legislation via Collective Bargaining in Poland
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Sobkiewicz A. Article 13 EC: The European Commission's Proposal for a Horizontal Employment Directive
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Spruogis E. The Social Purpose of the Modern Democratic State
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Tartilas J. The Problem of Prevention of Injuries at Work in Social Security
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Tavits G. The Problems of Modification of Estonian Labour Law
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Undzėnas B. Development and Perspectives of Regulation of Employment of Foreigners in Lithuania
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Usonis J. Problems in Regulation of the Labour Legal Relationships in the Sector of Road Transport
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