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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 24(16)

Miškinis A., Darulienė L. Aspects of European Community‟s and Lithuanian Competition Law in Banking Sector
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Vėgėlė I. Centros Case: what‟s New for the Freedom of Establishment of Companies in the EC?
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Bakaveckas A. Conception, Rights and Function of the Executive Power. Its Relationship with Administrative Law
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Kalesnykas R. Efficiency of Enforcement of the Police Functions: Adjustment of Public and Private Interests
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Kūris E. Constitutional Principles and the Text of the Constitution
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Novikovas A. The Preconditions to Widening Police Functions in Local Government
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Petrauskas R., Štitilis D. Provisions of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania in the Light of the Convention on Cyber–crime
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Pranevičienė B., Urmonas A. Genesis of the Ombudsman‟s Institute and Future Perspectives
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Smalakienė E. The Legal Status of Expert and Specialist in the Before–the–trial Process of Tax Conflict
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Vidrinskaitė S. Institution of Parliamentary Ombudsmen in Sweden
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Kiškis M. Perspectives of Patent Protection for Computer Programs indeveloping Information economy
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Baranauskas E. The Legal Nature of Pledge
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Juzukonis S. Civil Action in Penal Proceedings: Relation of Person who has suffered Loss and Civil Plaintiff
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Levčenkov A. I., Tichonov V. N. About Philosophical and World Outlook Aspects of Law
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Litvinov A. N. Law and Ethics in the Post–totalitarian Consciousness: the Tendency of Development in Social and Cultural Context in Ukraine at Present
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Mazur N. V. Correlation of Legal Norms and Morality in the State and Legal Concept of B. A. Kistyakovsky
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Meilius K. Individual Rights and Common Good
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Prolejev S. V. The Legitimization of Power and Law
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Šlapkauskas V. Confidence as the Law's Social Efficiency Factor
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Vaišvila A. Justice: it's Forms and Social Significance
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Šimašius R., Lastauskienė G. The Role of Legal Custom in Legal Regulation
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Arimavičiūtė A., Zabielavičienė I. Strategic Management of Police Activity – The Indispensable Condition for Crime Prevention
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Gečėnienė S. Impact of the Criminal Justice upon Personality of a Juvenile Delinquent
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