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Jurisprudence, 2011, No. 18(4)

Hans Paul Prümm. The Didactic Turn of German Legal Methodology
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Herbert Schambeck. Hans Kelsen’s Theory of Law
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Jan Kudrna. The Question of Conducting Direct Elections of the President in the Czech Republic (A Live Issue for Already 20 Years)
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Egidijus Jarašiūnas. The Issues of the Legal Definition of the Eropean Union (article in Lithuanian)
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Inga Daukšienė. Disputes between Members States of the European Union and jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (article in Lithuanian)
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Pavelas Ravluševičius. The Enforcement of the Primacy of the European Union Law: Legal Doctrine and Practice
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Agnė Tikniūtė, Asta Dambrauskaitė. Understanding Contract under the Law of Lithuania and Other European Countries
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Simona Selelionytė-Drukteinienė. Contractual Liability: for Fault or Strict? (article in Lithuanian)
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Vytautas Pakalniškis, Vaidas Jurkevičius. Apparent Authority in Positive Law and Court Practice (article in Lithuanian)
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Virgilijus Valančius, Aurimas Brazdeikis. Different Approach to Losses Caused by the Abuse of Civil Procedure (article in Lithuanian)
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Tomas Bagdanskis. Disciplinary Liability as a Background for Dismissal of Employees in Lithuania
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Romualdas Drakšas. Is it Reasonable to Limit the Group of Legal Entities that Can Be Considered as Subjects of Criminal Liability? (article in Lithuanian)
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Justinas Žilinskas, Tomas Marozas. Mens Rea Element in Superior Responsibility under Customary International Law and the Rome Statute (article in Lithuanian)
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Paresh Kathrani. Asylum Law or Criminal Law: Blame, Deterrence and the Criminalisation of the Asylum Seeker
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Laurynas Biekša. The Refugee Qualification Problems in LGBT Asylum Cases
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Indrė Špokienė. Legal Regulation of Homeopathy in the European Union and Lithuania
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Danguolė Bublienė. Consumer Right to Information according to the New Proposal for a Directive on Consumer Rights: the Step Forward? (article in Lithuanian)
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Birutė Pranevičienė. Limiting of the Right to Privacy in the Context of Protection of National Security
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Rūta Petkuvienė, Asta Atraškevičiūtė. Problems and Possible Solutions to Enforcement of Freedom of Assembly (article in Lithuanian)
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Saulius Katuoka, Andrius Bambalas. Review of Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in Cases against the Republic of Lithuania in 2010
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