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Jurisprudence. 2011, No 18(2)

Koen Lenaerts. European Union Citizenship, National Welfare Systems and Social Solidarity
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Thomas von Danwitz. Development of European Union Legal Order after the Treaty of Lisbon: Conditions, Challenges and Perspectives (article in German)
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Mindaugas Maksimaitis. Emigration to Make Lithuania Free: Modelling the Ownership Relations (article in Lithuanian)
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Gintaras Šapoka. Soviet Criminal Justice Evaluation in Lithuanian Immigrants Lawyers Research (article in Lithuanian)
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Juozas Žilys. The Referendum of 14 June 1992 “On Unconditional and Urgent Withdrawal of the Former Ussr Army from the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania and Restitution of Damage to Lithuania” in the Constitutional Genesis (article in Lithuanian)
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Vytautas Sinkevičius. The Implementation of Rulings of the Constitutional Court in Legislation (article in Lithuanian)
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Rytis Satkauskas. Reservations in Declarations accepting Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (article in Lithuanian)
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Birutė Pranevičienė. Legislative Discretionary Powers of the Executive Institutions in the Field of Regulation of Higher Education in Lithuania
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Ernestas Spruogis. Once More about Rights: Problems of the Conception of Rights, their Relation to Law and their Nature (article in Lithuanian)
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Gediminas Merkys, Algimantas Urmonas, Daiva Bubelienė. Security Assessment of Teachers’ Right to Healthy and Safe Working Environment: Data from a Mass Written Survey (article in Lithuanian)
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Justinas Usonis, Tomas Bagdanskis. Problems of Introduction of Flexibility into Lithuanian Labour Law
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Rytis Krasauskas. Some Problematic Aspects of the Promotion of the Regulation of Labour Relations by Means of Collective Agreements (article in Lithuanian)
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Feliksas Petrauskas. Development of Alternative Consumers and Business Dispute Resolution and their Reglamentation (article in Lithuanian)
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Rolandas Krikščiūnas, Snieguolė Matulienė. Peculiarities of Averment Stages in Cases of Administrative Offences
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Vytautas Piesliakas. Confiscation of the Proceeds of Unlawful Behaviour: Purposes and Reality (article in Lithuanian)
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Tatjana Bilevičienė, Eglė Bilevičiūtė. Dynamics of Crimes against the Security of Electronic Data and Information Systems and its Influence on the Development of Electronic Business in Lithuania
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Darius Štitilis, Paulius Pakutinskas, Inga Dauparaitė, Marius Laurinaitis. Preconditions for Legal Regulation of Personal Identification in Cyberspace
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Artūras Panomariovas. The Legal Fiction in Criminal Proceedings – Is it Historical Anachronism or Objectively Conditional Necessity?
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Tomas Rudzkis, Artūras Panomariovas. Aspiration of the Criminal Procedure – the Truth
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Tomas Mackevičius. Realization of the Public Works Penalty in Lithuania
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Indrė Špokienė. The Theoretic Features and Practical Problems of Legal Attribution of Medicinal Products and Food Supplements (article in Lithuanian)
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