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Jurisprudencija, 1999, Nr. 11(3)

A. Dapšys. Crime Tendencies and Perspective of its Prevention in Lithuania (Criminological prognostic aspect)
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A. Dobryninas. Crime and Press in Lithuanian Society
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J. Jäger. Die kriminalprävention im system der kriminalitätskontrolle
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L. Radzevičius. Peculiarities of Examination of the Place of an Accident Before Fixing the Technical Expertise of Labour Protection
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H. Kurry, T. Ferdinant. Attitudes Toward Punishment: Public Opinion and Criminal Justice
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M. Landahl. Crime Prevention and Criminological Theory
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A. Vilks, D. Bergmanis. Crime Tendencies in Latvia and Problems of Crime Prevention on the Verge of the Centuries
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O. Lukashova, A. Lukaschov. Unemployment and Criminality in the Republic of Belarus: Status, Interaction and Tendencies
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J. Ignatjeva, J. Masiulienė, H. Nedveckis. Handwriting Expertise Development Tendencies in Lithuania
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G. Juodkaitė. Definition of Forensic Examination and its Competence
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A. Žalkauskienė, V. Žalkauskas. Development and Perspectives of Authorship Examination in Present-day Lithuania
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D. Šestakov. Russian Criminal Policy Regarding the Historical Tendencies of Repression Leniency
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J. Zierke. Anforderungen an polizeiliche Bildungskonzepte in einem zusammenwachsenden Europa
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V. Suščenko. The Strategy and Tactics of the Specialists Training
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A. Kavalieris. The Problem of Unequal Opportunities Among Law Enforcement Institutions and Organized Crime Elements
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