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Jurisprudencija, 1999, Nr. 12(4)

R. Ažubalytė. The Institute of Discharge from a Criminal Case: Procedural Regulation and the Problems of Application
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G. Heine. Bordeline Between Crimes and Administrative Offences
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W. Gropp. Crimes and Penal Offences in German Criminal Law and Draft Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania
Read Download (downloaded - 416)    
A. Rudzinskas. Problems of Assessment Methods of Moral Damage of a Crime
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E. Jarašiūnas. Certain Features of the Activity of Constitutional Court as a Creator of the Constitutional Doctrine
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J. Žilys. Some Issues of the Creation of Lithuanian Law and the Constitutional Court
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R. Burda. Use of computer engineering in crimes against economy (some features criminal of the characteristic and technique of investigation)
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S. Kuklianskis, R. Burda. Criminalistic and Trial Aspects of Checking
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E. Kurapka, H. Malevski. On Some Problems in the Reform of Expert Services
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G. Babachinaitė. Violent Crimes in Lithuania
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G. Jurgelaitienė. Main Trends of Prevention of Recidivist Criminality in Lithuania
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V. Malkov. Mains Trends of Improvements in Crime Prevention in the Russian System of the Interior
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S. Starkus, R. Uscila. Prognosis of Hooliganism Perspectives in 1999-2000
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