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Jurisprudencija, 1999, Nr. 13(5)

R. Kalesnykas. The Aspects of the Legal Analysis of Administrative Offences Against Public Order
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A. Gutauskas. Organised crime and the problem of its legal definition
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S. Lammich. Prevention of organized crimes in Germany taking legal measures
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V. Piesliakas. Criminal policy in Lithuania after 1990 and its trends
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V. Višinskis. Problems regarding sales of assets by auction
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S. Starkus, Z. Uscila. Prognosis of recurrent crime perspectives on 1999-2000 years
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Č. Mančinskas. The Staff of Soviet Militia in Lithuania in 1944-1990
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S. Katuoka. The High Seas: the Concept and the Freedoms
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E. Radušytė. The Definition of the International Treaty of the Republic of Lithuania
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G. Danišauskas. The concept of legal service
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A. Kiškis. Registration of Events in Lithuanian Law Enjorament
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