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Jurisprudencija, 1999, Nr. 14(6)

A. Nevera. Extradition in the Legislation of Foreign Countries and Lithuania
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E. Baranauskas. Some Problems of Legal Regulation of Pawning
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V. Višinskis. Problems Related to Recovery from Natural Persons
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E. Vaitiekienė, G. Mesonis. Constitutional Customs in the System of the National Law
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J. Žilys. Statutory Court of Klaipėda Region: Preconditions of Its Establishment and Legal Status
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V. Kligys, L. Morkūnaitė, V. Vaitiekūnas. Computer Investigations in Crimes Related with the Use of “Internet”
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R. Naktinis. The Study of Paramagnetic Properties of Ordinanary Objects May be Useful for Expose Criminal Offences
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V. Čaplinskas. Information Society, Artificial Intelligence and Law
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V. Janulevičienė. Computers: Foreign Legal Language Studies and Internet
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R. Petrauskas. Computer Aided Learning in Law Studies. The Peculiarities and Application Possibilities
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G. Šapoka. Ordeals in the Ancient Trial
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S. Skvernelis. Selection of Otop Speed on the City Streets and Highways
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K. Vitkauskas. Improving of Organization Climate in Law Academy Kaunas Faculty
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