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Jurisprudence, 2004. No. 61(53)

Gediminas Mesonis. The Separation of Powers: the Problem of the Criteria Ouality
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Elena Vaitiekienė. A Guide to the Spanish Constitutional History
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Brigita Palavinskienė. Criminological Analysis of Vilnius Street Prostitution
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Edita Gruodytė. Specialized Courts for Drug Addicts
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Katarzyna Laskowska. Tendencies in Development of Modern Crime in Poland
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Rita Žukauskienė. Identifying Psychopathic Traits in Young Offenders and in Community-Based Samples
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Rūta Kazlauskienė. Crime Concept in the Statutes of the Lithuanian Great Duchy and in Corpus Juris Canonici
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Alenas Gumuliauskas. Judge‘s Discretion in Imposing Sentences
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Petras Ancelis, Danguolė Grigolovičienė. Development of criminal persecution affer the re-establishment of independence before passage of the Guidelines of Law System Reform (new version)
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Alfonsas Vaišvila. Law as instrumental in money loss prevention and lost money recovery
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Gintaras Šapoka. The Permanent Court of International Justice as an Institution for Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in 1921-1939
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Romualdas Grigas. Purposefull bases of law and trajectories paths of lawyer's philisophical consciousness
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