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Jurisprudence, 2000, Nr. 17(9)

M. Maksimaitis. The Little Diet as a Significant Episode in the Development of Lithuanian Parliamentarism
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S. Arlauskas. The Freedom of the Consciousness – Human Right‘s Alfa and Omega
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G. A. Vasilevish. The Role of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Byelorussia While Creating the Social State Ruled by Law
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A. I. Levčenkov. Ukraine as a Social State and its Perspectives
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A. Gutauskas. Punishable Leagal Means in Fight with the Organised Crime in Laws of Other Countries
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V. Valančius. Problems of Realisation of Independence and Selfgovernment of the Judiciary
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J. Vasiliauskas, A. Rudzinskas. The Problem of Recovery of Damages Caused by Criminal Acts
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J. Žilys. Acts of the Constitutional Court in the System of Legal Sources
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J. Žilys. The Constitutional Court in the System of Organs of State Power
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A. Paksas. Diplomatic Immunity from Civil Jurisdiction of the Receiving State and its Implementation
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A. Paksas. Inviolability of Premises of Diplomatic Mission and Practical Aspects of its Ensuring
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D. Žilinskas. Some Methodological Aspects of Administrative Process Scientific Research
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A. Panomariovas, T. Rudzkis. Interaction of Criminal Process and Operative Activities
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G. Baublys. The Legal Remedies to Guarantee the Execution of Court‘s Decision
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V. Toločko. Transference of Working Means as One Way of Obligation‘s Realization
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R. Damijonaitienė. Pecularities of the Way of Life of the first Year Students of Law Academy of Lithuania
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V. Janulevičienė, G. Kavaliauskienė. Aspects language transfer in teaching esp
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