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Jurisprudence, 2000, Nr. 18(10)

E. Kurapka, H. Malevski. The science of criminalistics in the process of development
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T. Tomaszewski. Principal rights and duties of the expert in the Criminal Procedure of Poland
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M. Bojarski. Criminal and professional liability of expert witnesses
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J. Rinkevičius, G. Juodkaitė–Granskienė. About possible types of regulation of forensic examination
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D. Talalienė. The Practice and Problems in Forensic Examination Coclusion Wording
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W. Kędzierski. Private experts in Poland
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G. Kędzierska. Experts’ training in Poland
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W. Kędzierski, P. Rybicki. Training of expert criminal examiners in the Netherlands
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R. Jaworski. The Knowledge of an Average Person and the Special Knowledge
R. Burda, S. Liutkevičius. Use of special knowledge in work of the inspector
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G. Kędzierska. Law and Criminalistic of Poland about Examination
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H. Malevski, A. Žalkauskienė. Investigation of disguised personal signatures
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J. Juškevičiūtė, J. Ivanauskas. The Using Shoeprints for Crime Disclosing: the State and Perspective
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A. Žalkauskienė. Methodical foundations of determination of Lithuanian texts author
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R. Ryngevič. Forensische linguistische Analyse in Deutschland und Polen: Übersicht über den Entwicklungsgang und Entwicklungstendenzen
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A. Barkauskas. Die Hauptzüge der kriminsliatischen Denklehre in Österreich und Deutschland
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E. Latauskienė. General characteristic of narcotic drugs investigation a crime of this type in pre–war Lithuania
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G. Kopczyński, M. Szostak. The Notion of the Document in the Polish Penal Code of 1997
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