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Jurisprudence, 2001, Nr. 19(11)

Doctor Honoris Causa of Law University of Lithuania Prof. Luzius Wildhaber
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R. Grigas. Disturbances in the Rule of Law: Countours of civilizational Incompetence
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N. Juraševič. The Role of the legal Consciousness during the creative Process of the State under the Rule of Law
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S. Kalinin. The Concept of Human Rights and the Constitutional State in the legal System of the Republic of Belarus
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V. Karpunov. The Formation of the Law–based State and the legal Consciousness
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O. Litvinov. The Idea of a Law-based State and Ukraine a historical, cultural Experience)
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V. Šlapkauskas. The Intensification of social Deviation
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A. Vaišvila. The Legal State: from Optimism to Reality
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S. Bulka. Issue of Proffessional Third Party Liability Insurance Concept and Implementation of its Direct Purpose
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D. Beresnevičienė. Psychological Assumptions of Using new Information Technologies in lifelong Learning
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J. Klimezak, S. Dadelo. Physical Culture in the Polish and Lithuanian Police Training Institutions
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R. Tidikis. Using Research for educational Purposes in higher Education
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G. Jurgelaitienė. Social Control in the System of Social Prevention of Recidivist Criminality
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G. Navaitis. Familientherapie der Verurteilten durch die lebenslängliche Haft
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G. Mesonis. The Influence of Scottish electoral System on the Balance of Powers
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V. Sinkevičius. Permanent Living in Lithuania – one of the Conditions of Naturalization
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J. Žilinskas. The Development of the Concept of the Crimes against Humanity in the Sources of International Criminal Law
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S. Arlauskas. The moral Limits of Rights of Freedom Speech (Expression)
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G. Lastauskienė. The Search of the Concept of the legal Responsibility
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G. Baublys. The Legal Power of the Court’s Decision
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S. Kuklianskis, S. Juzukonis. Status of Victim in criminal Procedure
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R. Kalesnykas. Certain Problems of Privatization of the Police Functions in Lithuania
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A. Laurinavičius. Some of the Community Policing Problems
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J. Braslauskas. On the Issue of the Competence of Courts in Lithuania during the Nazi Occupation
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