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Jurisprudence, 2001, Nr. 21(13)

Doctor Honoris Causa of Law University of Lithuania Prof. Habil. dr. Pranas Kūris
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G. Danišauskas. Legal Law – a Guarantee of the Development of Legal Service Exchange between Society and the Police
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D. Eidukienė. The Sources of Otto von Bismarck Social Doctrine
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M. Maksimaitis. State Council of Lithuania as a Constitutional Institute (November 1918–May 1920)
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E. Spruogis. The Relation between Civil and Political and Economical, Social and Cultural Human Rights
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J. Žilys. The Problems of the Constitutionality of Acts of International Law and their Application in the Legal System of the Republic of Lithuania
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A. Bložė, J. Klebanovas. The Problems of the Solutions of Property Estimation in the Process of their Execution
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A. Rudzinskas. The Concept of Non-property Damage and the Problems of its Compensation in Civil Criminal Trial Law
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E. Smalakienė. Problems of Before – the – Trial Process of Tax Conflict
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R. Ažubalytė. The Legality Principle and the Opportunity Principle: Sources, Development, Tendencies
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O. Fedosiuk. The Notion of Mental Violence in Criminal Law
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A. Nevera. On the Issue of Relation between International Law and National Criminal Law
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A. Bakaveckas. Public Administration: Concept, Legal Aspect and Problems
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S. Puškorius. The Problems of Managing Public Service Reforms
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I. Vėgėlė. The Unification of the Company Law in the European Union and the Problem of Conflicts of Corporate Law
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L. Pečkuvienė. Some Problems of Legal Language Usage
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B. Vonsavičius. Legal Validity of Office–Work Documents
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V. Žilinskienė. Legal Terms and Lithuanian Legal Vocabularies
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J. Lakis. The Ideas, Practices and Perspectives of Conciliation
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A. Laurinavičius. Theory and Practice for Creating the Safety Social Environment
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