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Jurisprudence, 2001, Nr. 22(14)

Doctor Honoris Causa of Law University of Lithuania His Excellency President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus
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D. Eidukienė. Ludwig Erhard's Doctrine of social Market Economy
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D. Beresnevičienė. Psychological Model of Community Building in Lithuania
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E. Kūris. Constitutional Principles and the Text of the Constitution
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S. Vidrinskaitė. Legal Status of the Seimas Ombudsmen
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L. Anusienė. The most common legal Problems met by Lithuanian Immigrants In the USA
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A. Bertulis. Comprehension of the Tax Administration
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S. Puškorius, A. Raipa. Theoretical Aspects of public Sector Modernization
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K. Šimkus. Application of Psychology in Undercover Activity
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E. Radušytė. The Conclusion of international Treaties after the Entry into Force of the Law on international Treaties of the Republic of Lithuania
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V. Višinskis. Direction of Exaction to Securities
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S. Bulka. Insurance Event as an Issue of professional Liability Insurance Purpose Realisation
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I. Mačernytė–Panomariovienė. Legal Regulations Protection of Employees in the Event of the Insolvency of their Employer
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K. Vitkauskas. Social Guarantees of Officials of Internal Affairs System: Rights and Possibilities to use them
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A. Panomariovas. Privacy and related Problems in the criminal Procedure
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R. Burda. Legal and Criminalistics Aspects of Tactics of Detention of the Persons
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A. Cininas. Significant Issues of the Concept of Evidence and Admissability of Evidence in the Theory and Practice of Code of Criminal Procedure of Lithuania
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L. Pakštaitis. Application of the Model imitating criminal Behavior in the Investigation of Bribery
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V. Rudzkienė. Influence Analysis of social–economic Indices to Criminality in Lithuania
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N. Burkšaitienė, I. Darginavičienė, G. Kavaliauskienė. ESPELL: Foreign Language Testing – Present Situation and Development
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