Information for Authors

The journal „Intellectual Economics“ publishes original, unpublished before scientifc articles in Lithuanian or English mostly fr om the following felds of research.

  • Intellectual economics.
  • Innovations and Investment Management.
  • Knowledge Economics.
  • Sustainable Development of Economy and Social Technologies.
  • ICT economy.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Effective Management of Economic Systems.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors should submit electronic copie of the manuscript prepared by using MS Word program with Times New Roman fonts, 12 pt size. The text of the article should be 1, 5-spaced throughout.

The authors‘details: name, surname, institutional affliation of the authors and their addresses, phone (work and home), fax, e¬mail address must be submitted. Please indicate the person responsible for correspondence with Editorial Board, if number of authors is more than one. 

Electronic copies of a manuscript please send by e-mail to address: int.economics@mruni.eu 

Figures (pictures, charts, and diagrams) and tables should be put in the place of the text near wh ere they are frst referred to. Large tables and fgures may be put at the top of the sheet. Figures are drawn by computer and additionally should be submitted on the separate fles of the disk. The width of fgures and tables should be 80 mm or not exceed 165 mm. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in order of their appearance in the text with titles at the bottom of pictures and at the top for tables. Most suitable graphical formats include: *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, Corel Draw, and Excel.

The references should be cited in the text by Arabic numerals in brackets, e.g. [1], [2], etc. or with authors‘ surnames and the date of publication in round brackets, e.g., (Stauskis, 2004).

Every article will be reviewed by two members of Editorial Board or by its appointed experts. Authors should correct the manuscript accepted for publishing taking into account the remarks of reviewers and editors or the why they have been disregarded. The electronic copy of the corrected paper are to be presented to Editorial Board no later than two week after obtaining the review.

Structure of paper

A paper should include the following parts:

  • the title of a paper;
  • authors names and surnames;
  • affliation institutions which the authors represent, they post and e-mail addresses;
  • the abstract (600–1200 symbols) in the same language as the paper;
  • the list of keywords (5-8 main words or concepts) and JEL index;
  • the introduction (include research objectives and it‘s aim, applying methods, review of literature sources, and other common premises);
  • the body of a paper presenting the results of research. The text may be divided into chapters and smaller units (for example 2.; 2.1.; 2.2.1.;) with suitable titles;
  • the conclusions or generalizations;
  • the appendices (if it is necessary);
  • the list of references formed following the international standards legalized in Lithuania (LST ISO 690-2, 1999; LST ISO
  • 690, 2002). The list of references is arranged alphabetically and for the same author chronologically. All cited references must be listed and, vice versa, the list of references must include only those cited in the text. Only the sources that have been published or are in press should be included in the list of references;
  • the title of paper, full names of authors, the names of affliation institutions, summary, keywords of the paper written in Lithuanian should be presented also in English, and vice versa;
  • the details about authors in Lithuanian and in English (full names and surnames of authors, scientifc degrees and titles, positions, areas of research interests).
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