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Intellectual Economics, 2015, Nr. 9(2)

Ilona Kiaušienė. Comparative assessment of women unemployment and poverty in European Union
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Donatello Caruso, Francesco Contò, Virgilijus Skulskis. The implementation of measure 121 of the rural development program: Comparative analysis between Italy and Lithuania
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Ligita Gaspareniene, Rita Remeikiene, Friedrich Georg Schneider. The factors of digital shadow consumption
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Jelena Titko, Viktorija Skvarciany, Daiva Jurevičienė. Drivers of bank profitability: Case of Latvia and Lithuania
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Romualdas Ginevičius, Aleksandr Ostapenko. A quantitative evaluation of the company environment for the formation of its effective expansion strategy
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Ercüment Okutmuş, Ata Kahveci, Jekaterina Kartašova. Using theory of constraints for reaching optimal product mix: An application in the furniture sector
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Natalja Lace, Irena Mačerinskienė, Andrius Balčiūnas. Determining the EUR/USD exchange rate with U.S. and German government bond yields in the post-crisis period
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