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Intellectual Economics, 2015, Nr. 9(1)

Dušan Baran, Darius Saikevičius. Comparative analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the new member states of European Union
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Jelena Belova, Rima Mickiene. Formation of the effectiveness of public and private sector companies of the maritime industry based on an integrated analysis of financial results
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Fernando García, Jairo Alexander González-Bueno, Javier Oliver. Mean-variance investment strategy applied in emerging financial markets: Evidence from the Colombian stock market
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Robert Hall. The ecovillage experience as an evidence base for national wellbeing strategies
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Aldona Jočienė. Scandinavian bank subsidiaries in the Baltics: Have they all behaved in a similar way?
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Pasquale Pazienza. The relationship between CO2 and Foreign Direct Investment in the agriculture and fishing sector of OECD countries: Evidence and policy considerations
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Dalia Streimikiene. Environmental indicators for the assessment of quality of life
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Rima Žitkienė, Ugnė Blusytė. The management model for human-resource outsourcing among service companies
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