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Intellectual Economics, 2013, Nr. 7(3)

Borisas Melnikas. Intellectualisation Processes in the Context of European Integration: Needs and Priorities for the Development of the High Technologies Sector
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Dalia Štreimikienė, Alvydas Baležentis. Integrated Sustainability Index: the Case Study of Lithuania
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Gediminas Davulis. Assessment of Macroeconomic Situation and Economic Policy During the Crisis in the Baltic Countries
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Tomáš Pavelka. The Minimum Wage and Its Development in the Member States of the European Union
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Concepción Bartual, Fernando Garcia, Francisco Guijarro, Ismael Moya. Default Prediction of Spanish Companies. A Logistic Analysis
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Khrystyna Kyrylych. Problem of Uneven Economic Development of the World Economy: Essence and Causes
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Toma Lankauskienė, Manuela Tvaronavičienė. Economic Sector Performance and Growth: Contemporary Approaches in the Context of Sustainable Development
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Danguolė Jablonskienė. Influence of Pension Funds and Life Insurance on Old-Age Pension
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Aistė Diržytė. Research on Positivity and Psychological Capital at Science and Study Institutions in the USA
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Daiva Jurevičienė. 3rd International Scientific Conference “Whither Our Economies”
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