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Intellectual Economics, 2012, Nr. 6(3)

Preface of the Editorial Board
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Tomáš Pavelka. Long-term unemployment in the European Union during the last five turbulent years
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Algimantas Misiūnas. The Buyer and Seller Power Indication in the Economy
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Mikolaj Pindelski. Directions in Sales Research Focus
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Arseny Tarabanov, Viktoria Tarabanova. Financial Ideology and the Global Mass Media Environment: Narratological Analysis
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Ona Gražina Rakauskienė, Eglė Krinickienė. Foreign Trade Policy: Gender Aspect
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Dalia Lapėnienė, Audronė Dumčienė. Peculiarities of Teachers’ Motivation to Work Creatively
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Magdalena Adamus, Piotr Markiewicz. Psycho-Physical Factors of the Decision Making Process
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Ingrida Mačernytė Panomariovienė. Decent Work and Its Purpose
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Gita Kondrotaitė. Evaluation of the Quality of Public Services in Lithuanian Municipalities
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Romualdas Kacevičius. Creation of the Welfare State in Lithuania: Myth or Reality?
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Marius Laurinaitis. 2012 Conference on Entrepreneurial Universities
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