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Intellectual Economics, 2012, Nr. 6(1)

Borisas Melnikas. Intellectual Economics and Creation of a Knowledge Based Society and Knowledge Economy: New Challenges in the Context of Global Transformations
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Arpit Ludhiyani, Satyadhar Joshi, Rohit Pathak. Consumer Behavior and Strategic Finance in Green Energy
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Dalia Štreimikienė. The Impact of Intervention Measures on Household Energy Conservation and GHG Emission Reduction in Lithuania
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Vladimir Shatrevich, Janis Zvanitajs. Innovation Implementations Problems in Latvia
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Dagmar Čámská. Analysis of Projects Co-financed by European Funds
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Jelena Stankevičienė, Albertas Gruodis, Adrian Lokutijevskij, Ūla Urbaitė. Building Lithuanian Macro-econometric Model: Forecast of Average Wages and Unemployment Rate
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Giedrė Dzemydaitė, Ignas Dzemyda, Artūras Jurgelevičius. Evaluation of the Implementation of National Export Developement Strategy: Case Study of the Republic of Lithuania
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Michail Kulapov, Maxim Ponomarev. Transformation of the Russian Approach to Management in the Condition of Globalisation
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Dalia Štreimikienė. World Economic Forum 2012
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Ona Gražina Rakauskienė Interviews Povilas Gylys. On the Challenges to Economic Science: Are We on the Brink of Revolutionary Changes in the Economic Profession?
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